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An informal Francophone community of medical informaticians has existed for decades and has been meeting every other year at the “Journées Francophones d’Informatique Médicale” (JFIM). The history of the JFIM meetings, listed below, shows an increasing internationalization of the meeting, reflecting the widening constituency of the Francophone medical informatics community:
Montpellier – 1988 Nîmes – 1990 Paris – 1991
Bruxelles – 1993 Genève – 1994 Paris – 1996
Liège – 1998 Marseille – 2000 Québec – 2002
Tunis – 2003 Lille – 2005 Bamako – 2007
Nice – 2009 Tunis – 2011  Fès – 2014  Genève – 2016

The Francophone SIG aims to help the continuation of the JFIM series by organizing its rotation and passing on its traditions and organizational standards. It also organises francophone symposia associated to the MEDINFO conference:
Copenhague – 2013   Lyon – 2019

The next conference organised under the auspices of the Francophone SIG will be the Francophone Satellite Symposium associated to the MEDINFO 2019 conference in Lyon (France) from 26 to 30 August 2019.  This symposium will include peer-reviewed scientific sessions on Natural Language Processing on Monday 26 August 2019 and other thematic sessions on the following days.

Important dates:

31 May 2019: deadline for submissions
26 August 2019: Francophone Satellite Symposium at MEDINFO

Web site of the Natural Language Processing Satellite Francophone Symposium:

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